the damning realization one shortly will have to get out the door and GO TO WORK!!

unless you are the owner, boss, showman...e.t.c. you can be pretty sure of finding yourself in some "close encounters of the third kind" with other humans...putting some neosporin or k-y on the buttocks, can help ease the pain (in the ass) of what awaits you!!

not much more horrifying on sunday night (or WHENEVER YOU'RE 'cycle' begins!!), than thinking; that place!, those people!

HORRID feelings dating WAY back to early in your life, when they took you to the first day of SCHOOL!! -not too much time passed before you were, "CONFUSED WITH A TOILET!!"
in an idle moment during the week-end, i found myself thinking...-that place!, those people!

a perky-butted strumpet took a shine to me at work, taking away some of the 'sting' of, that place!, those people!

the 'savvy' u.d. 'hep cats and kittens' thought my, that place! those people!; concept 1/2 baked!
by michael foolsley October 31, 2011
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