1. adj: fat, chubby, or obese
2. noun: the habitual tendency to over indulge in food
1. The overweight man is very thoi.

2. Stop eating so much, you don't want to develop thoi.
by Rafael D. Simon Luis February 04, 2010
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"That harlot over yonder"
A thoy is the 16th century (not sure if that's even correct) version of thot. When you feel like kickin it old school.
For a spirit of harlotry has led them astray, and they have left their God to play the role of a thoy.
by BoboRodessa October 28, 2014
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thois, a noun meaning this or there
want to come to my house thois weekend?

look over thois!
by rence April 16, 2007
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(also known as thoi particle) A theoretical massive scalar particle which could help explain how human lipid molecules (fat) can exist in many different individuals. The particle is derived from the molecular term thoi which refers to fat.
Biologists are trying to find out how thoi duong can produce so much fat.
by Dr. Paat - Psychology PhD April 03, 2010
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Is the sweetest human being to ever exist,she cares soooo soooo much about her People,she hides her pain and misery behind that beautiful smile of her that makes everyone's heart bloom,thoi is just the definition of love and care, she'll never let anyone hurt the people she loves, she loves and loves and loves,hurts but still lovessss how can someone not love this angel?😭❤️
by Baby mochi September 26, 2020
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"they" but for a thot.

(Alt. form of thay)
P1: Thoy are lookin' pretty snazzy...
P2: Oh shut up Craig, she's a thot.
by korqatt May 20, 2019
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