There are 3 types of websites. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good:
Supplies generous amounts of information, images and music aswell as has a nice layout with decent amounts of CSS.

The Bad:
Is made poorly with little or no effort. The background is horribly annoying. This website gets millions of hits, however, which is most annoying.

The Ugly:
A websiet with a white background, blue and purple hyperlinks, uses only Times New Roman font, and non-colored horizontal rules, plus crappy tables with sad borders and no design.
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 19, 2003
The manufacturing process of web sites.
Making/uploading/changing websites.
by ctg May 9, 2004
a group of computer files broadcast to other users by means of an internet IP address.
She brought up our website on her laptop.
by _Nick November 2, 2008
Anything on the internet, save for(some) pop-up ads.
My personal website is 'diggitymonkeemachine.egg'.
by Diggity Monkeez April 8, 2005
I dont really know. Its got something to do with something called a computer and that thing Al Gore invented you know the...the...the internet.....ya that right
Yo dawg check my shizzle fo' nizzle WEBSITE.DAWG.YO.FIZZER.BITCH!!!
by XBAW March 7, 2003
After one has googled they find the website, and click on it. Therefore they website it. To look up information from the website.
Johnny wants to know when the zoo opens, lets website it.
by Lucillerated August 31, 2017
What Rainy from the famous Zoite IRC network does in her spare time.
by es May 9, 2004