A girl who comments heart emojis under every hot guys picture.

A girl who is constantly out for a boyfriend just so she can say she has one.
*Hot guy on instagram* "Oh my god youre soooo hot!"

"Damn, someones being a thirsty hoe."
by Katt Hagins May 16, 2016
1. a female who constantly wants a boyfriend

2. a person who should drink more water to quench their thirst

3. someone who needs to realize that you don't need a boyfriend to feel beautiful or blend in with the crowd
1. Omg, Jessica is such a thirsty hoe. She's had three boyfriends in one week!

2. Teresa: *see's by passer* oooh, I would do him! *see's another* Did you see that guy? He was sooo sexy, I want him in my bed!

Leslea: Go buy ten gallons of water, because you sound like a thirsty hoe, & you got a man!

3. Don't be a thirsty hoe, you're too good for him.
by Homeygdog November 3, 2013
A girl that goes after another girls man. Trying to sip on someone else's "kool aid"
There were thirsty hoes everywhere trying to get with my man. That's my kool-aid, it ain't happening.
by Miss__Lady February 13, 2014
Someone in power who cares more about themselves and climbing the corporate ladder rather than the good of the people.
"Can you believe Justin used corporate funds to host a dinner party for just himself and his frat bros?"
"Wow, what a power thirsty hoe (PTH) :/"
by Manali January 5, 2017