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A black laptop computer produced by IBM.
My thinkpad is a T23...
by SuperMorten March 12, 2004
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The single best model of laptop form factor machines, now produced by Lenovo. Formerly produced by IBM. They have been known to last years and survive serious abuse that would kill a Dell or Apple. Recommended with a nice big battery and a copy of Fedora Linux 10. Computers for real geeks.
Eric: I say, I quite fancy this ThinkPad over the Toshiba that I owned last. Let's see Apple try to match this keyboard!

Luke: Or the built in biometrics, light, magnesium alloy skeleton, anti-flex screen, innovative pointing devices, durability, or hardware support!
by the_organist April 7, 2009
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The world's strongest line of laptops. The latest models feature switchable graphics. Ranging from the ultraporable X200 series to the monstrous W700, they're commonly used by businessmen but great for those who need a durable laptop.
My thinkpad got stepped on, dropped on concrete and ran over by a car and it still works. Try that with your crappy dell inspiron.
by Tixlo March 6, 2009
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The computer that will outlive its owner, and will be going strong after 5, 10 and even 15 years
The top-of-the-line high-end models are built to last and aren't made with planned obsolescence in mind.

They are extremely upgradeable, and parts are plentiful. In the very rare case something goes wrong, you can repair it at home with dental floss and a brick.

A lot of them pack high-end specs, and very old ThinkPads are much better alternatives than today's low-end consumer-grade laptops.
Ranging from the slim X1 Carbon ultrabook that weighs less than an M1 Mac to the Massive W701 DS that you can send someone to spectator mode with.

I have a 2012 ThinkPad X1 Carbon gen 1, with i7, 8Gb ram and 256 SSD, and it literally runs TensorFlow deep neural networks.
Yooooo my ThinkPad just turned 10 years old today! Still going strong with just a thermal paste change.

Your MacBook is just 4 years old and you need a new one? You wasted your money, should have got a ThinkPad.
by SVT13125CNS January 21, 2022
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The world's biggest memetops, often shilled on imageboards such as 4chan. They are shilled as being indestructible, cheap, and reliable - which is not wrong, however their price is rising because of the meme (thank asshats such as Luke Smith for bringing them to the mainstream). The ones that are usually suggested are the X200, X60, T60, T420, T410, T61, X61, X220, X201, and everything else before Lenovo bought the brand. Libreboot, Coreboot, and 1vyrain are also major reasons to buy older ThinkPads.
Luke Smith: Oh, have you heard of ThinkPads? They are the best computers and very cheap!
Consumer: No, I haven't! Let me look in to them
- 5 months later -
Consumer: How do I have 4 ThinkPads now, I don't even use them.
by Anoniiiiiiiiiii September 11, 2020
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The complete opposite of an Apple MacBook. Thicker than a TV, heavier than the entire planet, and more powerful and secure than a frikin MacBook
Tom: Look at my brand new MacBook!
James: WTF! Does it run Crysis?
Tom: No it doesn't but it's faster than your "ThiccPad"
(They run a benchmark)
James: My ThinkPad scored 45,398 in PassMark's PerformanceTest!
Tom: My MacBook only scored 25,503 on the same test! How come?
James: ThinkPads are more performant than cheap MacBooks!
by thatdane April 13, 2022
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The laptops that most schools all around the world use because they are the cheapest and have all the microsoft office shit.
Principle:What laptops should we get all the students?
Assistant:just get them that thinkpad thingie.
principle:yeah,we could use the rest if the money on my home loan.
Assistant:Okay, will order them now.
by FlightlessFish82 March 21, 2020
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