503 is...
that feeling you get
deep inside...
when the person you love
tells you....
503...I Love You ❤️
by Wanderlust_721 June 22, 2022
the 503 is the northern oregon area code, 503 generally means the portland metro area. the hood in portland is called the N.E.P.
those ho's in the 503 are sick
by mr.frantastic July 11, 2006
just 503, solo 503, te amo wawi

by kyoskas June 25, 2021
a code meaning service not available. or when a website is temporarily unavailable.
i got error 503 when i tried going on this one site.
by nobody else here April 25, 2017
503 comin' at chu, mothafuckas!
by anonymous February 18, 2005
The code used when someone plants a shit on you.
"Oh man I woke up on this balcony one time with a shit in my pants, but I swear it wasn't mine!"
"Oh dude! You've been 503'd!"
by S Madden July 6, 2015
A generic version of Lorcet. 10mgs hydrocodone - 650mgs APAP.

Green in color and a very good pain killer.

I cut my own arm off the other day so I could go to the doctor and get some Watson 503!
by TheeeeGod March 16, 2009