A word used to describe a person that is more “thick” than average. Someone who has large thighs and a larger butt. Aka, Kaliah.
Kaliah is sooo thick. She thicker than anybody I’ve ever seen.
by Ghettowordsbykayy December 27, 2018
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Noun: Basically a girl or guy that is "larger" that of your liking. If the subject is thicker than your standards...then they are a thicker.

This word is also unique in the fact that instead of a negative connotation, it can be a positive tag. If you like the fattys that is, roll in that dough...ect.
She was a thicker, so I passed her off to my buddy.
by s carroll November 4, 2005
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More thick than slim thick, kind of almost fat
Her mom is slim thicker than mine.
by joeyandava May 28, 2017
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A female that is thick in all the right places.

Women that are have a Bubble Butt,Thick in the thighs Busty and Voluptuous!
Yo Man she is "Thicker then a Boot" or Man she is thicker then 2 Boots
by Billy D Williams May 30, 2007
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The opposite of an ice breaker. Makes a situation even more awkward
*someone mentions the awkward silence*
-Dude, that was such an ice thicker!
by Jojjoog November 13, 2017
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phrase describing a close personal bond between two or more people or inseparable friends

(suggests that those who are thicker than thieves will not forsake or betray any of the others)
Person 1:
Those boys have known each other since they were toddlers.

Person 2:
Yep, they're thicker than thieves.
by BoarHog December 7, 2010
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When a girl isn't super skinny and has lots of curves.
Nicki Minaj is thicker than a snickers.
by akm12345 January 5, 2011
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