n. a non-specific term for anything
"I put the thingie in the thingie, and a thingie came out."
by Lunarose October 22, 2003
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This can replace that jira thingie.
by pc108 May 30, 2013
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A thing you don't know the exact word / description of.
"Something like that" - "A thingie"

"It's a computer thingie"
by Nanda January 14, 2004
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A "thingie" is a component of an important project or an important matter itself.
OK, team. We have that missile thingie that we need to deal with today before someone blows up the world. or

"Peterson, were you able to put together that website thingie that was on the agenda" or

There's that software thingie that we still need to debug.
by alphagrl October 23, 2009
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a misspelling of thingy, although the other definitions here are correct for thingy.
Thanks for that little project thingie you gave me.
by Georgina Albert Lakotavitz April 24, 2004
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The improper spelling of the true word "thingee" inserted into emails in the belief that one's hillbilly girlfriend won't know the difference.
Oops, I forgot to get you that rock thingie when I was in Italy.
by Cherokee Ann January 3, 2008
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