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A chinese computer manufacturer, orignally named, Legend. It acquired the IBM Personal Computer Division in 2005.
-What' Lenovo?
-The company acquired IBM PC
by dahavadech September 25, 2006
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The Nokia of Laptops, Tablets, and Workstations.
The Lenovo Y70 is made a freaking stainless steel
by apple is crap June 17, 2015
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a computer manufacturer for the upper class that make extremely powerful laptop ,desktop severs and tablet . for uperclass white men and thare family.

that have the highest stranded for hardware and sum of the best support i have ever use.
my office only used lenovo hardware i have a idea pad laptop and a tablet for lenovo
by lookman373 February 12, 2012
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ebay seller: IBM T60 ThinkPad for sale

me: that's lenovo and NOT IBM
by RTaD6502 January 18, 2021
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