A form of 'those' used to call attention to something. In this sense, it has both the functions of 'those' and a topic marker.
Them fake-ass Nikes ain't gonna help you pull no bitches.
Look at them motherfucking G's.
Them bones.
Them fish won't fry themselves.
by *bong hit* August 12, 2012
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A synonym for the word "those".
Aii, drop them nikies of yo ass.
by ecliptic February 5, 2004
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htrn: It waz them! They did it!
by daDebil March 1, 2004
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The one who you can't get off your mind. The one that you can't imagine not being in your life. The one that, even though they hurt you, and cause you more pain than you even knew was possible, you still stick around, begging for more. The one that is pure perfection yet rotten to the core; bringer of hope and despair, my Naegi and Junko. The one who shoves you away, no matter what you do, not knowing you will never give up. The only one you will ever care about. The only one you can love
I miss them...
by felix the fish December 3, 2020
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not us
"look at them", "they are not us"
by Anonocat December 17, 2014
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They/them are pronouns used by people who are secretly two midgets in a trenchcoat or are a swarm of all-powerful bees (also known as non binary people).
"My pronouns are they/them"
"But they/them are plural"
"Yes. I am two midgets in a trenchcoat"
by carpet boi April 8, 2021
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Those are
Thems fighting words. -those are fighting words.
by Evan Reynolds May 30, 2018
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