4 definitions by carpet boi

They/them are pronouns used by people who are secretly two midgets in a trenchcoat or are a swarm of all-powerful bees (also known as non binary people).
"My pronouns are they/them"
"But they/them are plural"
"Yes. I am two midgets in a trenchcoat"
by carpet boi April 8, 2021
A group of people in the LGBTQ+ community who meet up every full moon to summon Satan, be swaggy and discuss plans of world domination.
by carpet boi November 20, 2021
Someone who only relies of basic biology and never bothered to learn advanced biology.
Transphobe: People can't be trans, it's basic biology
Smart person: People can be trans, it's advanced biology
by carpet boi November 20, 2021
a) Someone who is secretly gay but doesn't want to admit it so instead, makes fun of gay people so no one suspects that they are actually gay.
b) Someone with such a low intelligence that they think people who are attracted to the same gender should be destroyed.
1: Chad is such a homophobe, he's probably gay.
2: Yeah, he might just be an idiot though.
by carpet boi November 20, 2021