Used to describe someone who identifies as Nonbinary or someone who feels as if they do not belong in the pronoun groups of He/Him/His or She/Her/Her's
"My friend recently came out as Non-binary, luckily their parents accept them as who they are! So make sure to use They/Them/Their when you talk to them."
by BettyTheYandere June 12, 2018
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people who use they/them pronouns are sexy & amazing & valid. i swear to god everyone who uses they/them is hot as fuck as i haven't met anyone ugly. they're gender neutral pronouns typically used by nonbinary people but anyone can use them.
Have you met (person)? They go by they/them. I love them. They're very cool and kind. I haven't met them yet but I'd love to. They gave me their Spotify playlist and I must say that they have the best music taste.
by adorasbitch November 29, 2020
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A set of Pronouns most commonly used referring to multiple people or a non-binary individual
“They went to the church but will be back soon”
“Can you tell them that they need to do the chores?”
“Alex’s new pronouns are they/them
by Fennwiffthehomo March 15, 2021
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they/them are pronouns typically used for people who identify as gender-nuetral
they go by they/them pronouns

oh Alex? they're over there
by bunbunbaby March 17, 2016
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a set of gender neutral pronouns that are used as an alternative to he/him and she/her, most commonly used by non-binary people.
A: where is C? i thought he was supposed to be here.
B: don't you mean *they* were supposed to be here? they use they/them pronouns, remember.
A: right, thanks for reminding me!
by remy kinnie June 25, 2021
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they/them pronouns fucking exist please stop fucking using

her/him (insert rest of the sentence here)
she/he (insert rest of the sentence here)
if you don't know their damn gender just use they/them
P.S. if youre are one of those people who only use they/them pronouns when you don't know their gender, but when you fucking meet them and see how they present themselves you automatically assume their gender right then and there,

by this isthename April 11, 2021
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