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bubba: Who was dat on da fone?
htrn: Dunno.
bubba: Whad ey say?
htrn: Dunno, they spoke U-bonics.
by daDebil February 24, 2004
Always an innovator, they've been known to produce a few classics in their day, but all they build is shit these days. The '62 Tempest with the Cross-Fire manifold and a pair of singles was a pretty hot performer in it's class...Oh! That's right...there was nothing else in it's class!
bubba: Man, dat '62 Tempest is pretty peppy!
HTRN: Yeah, it's too bad about that piece o' shit ass-end-mounted tranny, tho.
by daDebil April 24, 2004
The one true computer programming language. All high-level languages reduce down to assembly language in the end.
High Tech Red Necks always code in assembly language.
by daDebil February 29, 2004
The very best line of computers ever built. They were Z80-based CP/M machines. High Tech Red Necks all own Kaypros. Kaypro was formerly known as Non-Linear Systems.
peggy hill: I sure hope my Kaypro II is Y2K-compliant.
hank hill: Hell, peggy, I don't think it's even Y1K-compliant
by daDebil February 29, 2004
reed da fuxin manuel, in redneckeze
billyjoejimbob: How do I use this heah toilet paper stuff?
clem: RDFM!
bjjb: but i cain't reed...
by daDebil January 16, 2004
A way of writing a word (usually compound)that uses upper-case letters in the middle of the word.
High Tech Red Necks always interCap words inApropriatly.
by daDebil February 29, 2004