A caring dude who is always there for whoever needs him. he is a good listener and can make any situation a bit lighter. he is good looking and smart, and only pulls the coolest girls, if you are lucky enough to get him as your boyfriend, you can be sure he only wants the best for you and would never do anything to hurt you. he is a cool person who has excellent taste in music, clothes, etc. He is a good thinker and is amazing at giving advice and someone trustworthy to talk to. an all around good guy.
girl 1: wow he is so sweet, but kinda shy, he is the perfect type of guy
girl 2: yeah, i love his easygoing personality, he is a true thelonious
by amelia1111 October 18, 2017
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Simply the best pianist of all time. He was incredibly innovative, wore a beret and sunglasses at most of his performances. Showed emotion, used complex rhythms, and was awesome.

Monk is in the ranks with Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Bill Evans, etc.
Person A: You haven't heard of Thelonious Monk?
Person B: No, who's he?
Person A: You're retarded.
by jazzwise November 21, 2009
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a gay dude who plays basketball (also known as Tj) in the tv show andi mack. him and cyrus hit it off in season three. (favorite muffin: blueberry macadamia)
"Thelonious Jagger is totally gay for cyrus" "I know right lol"
by normansbooks February 3, 2021
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The act of plowing a girl over a piano and it resulting in her playing a series of cluster chords.

Syn: the herbie jamcock
Trish and I were working on a new piece we are writing but it led to a massive thelonious funk. Needless to say the piano needs to be tuned.
by macNchee March 15, 2014
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