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formally called The Belmont Plateau -in fairmont park, philadelphia: it looks like a regular picnic area overlooking the city, but on weekends you will always find at least 100 people and at least 2 kegs there in the spring. without a doubt one of the best party spot's in the philly
yo i heard there was gonna be 3 kegs at the plat tonight
by illadelph215 May 17, 2006
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Residing in Fairmont Park in Philly, it is a place teenagers attend to host keggers since the cops in their town will bust them without a doubt. The seniors will host a plat and let everyone know via twitter or word of mouth. The next few days at school all you hear is people asking others if they're going to the plat this weekend. Everyone then gets together on the little patch of concrete and socializes until their curfew and then drunkenly try to find their Uber, or get a ride from a hopefully sober friend.
Yo are you going to the plat on Saturday?
Yea let's Uber there together.

by fattymagoo55 July 03, 2017
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