A Fucking amazing rock band formed in the 1964. Made up of Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, John Entwistle, and Keith Moon. They are the best Rock band ever, so suck on that Led Zeppelin Fanboys!
While Led Zeppelin is good, The Who are much better, with songs like My Generation, Young Man Blues, Bargain, Won't Get Fooled Again, Love Reign Oer Me, Long Live Rock, the Seeker, Were Not Gonna Take It, Behind Blue Eyes, Summertime Blues, and Blue Red and Grey.
by TheWho2332 February 12, 2009
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The best band ever. Fronted by awesome singer Roger Daltrey, master songwriter/guitarist Pete Townshend, Keith Moon, the best drummer in the world(John Bonham is overrated), and the best bassist, John Entwistle.
Listen to Quadrophenia, and try to prove me wrong.
by Butch Kid January 23, 2005
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A fantastic British rock band comprised of Roger Daultrey (Vocals), Peter Townshend (Guitarist), Keith Moon (Drums), and John Entwistle (Keyboard). Began in the early 1960's, and are still doing performances now, only with a different line-up (Moon and Entwistle both died in drug-related incidences).
Great tracks include 'Baba O'Riley', 'Won't Get Fooled Again', 'My Generation', 'I Can See For Miles' 'I Can't Explain' and many more.
by BadLieutenant September 03, 2004
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the Definitive Rock Band. Never stole from anyone, created punk rock (my generation if you don't believe me), started instrument destruction, and were the greatest band to walk this earth from 1964-1982 (strongest points obviously with Keith Moon, the most entertaining drummer of ALL time).
As said best by Time magazine in the 70s - they outlasted, outlived, and outclassed all of their contemporaries.
However, I'd love to add to that: The Who outlasted, outlived, and outclassed all of their contemporaries and bands after.
The Who will always be the Greatest Band of All Time in my eyes.
Not to mention had the best Bassist too
by Vulgaris Joe June 16, 2010
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A functioning unit comprised of:
Roger Daltry-Vocals
Pete Townshend-Guitar, Songwriter
John Entwistle-Bass
Keith Moon-Drums

The Who set the trend for many things in rock such as:
-trashing hotel rooms
-smashing instruments aka auto-destructive art
-playing as loud as possible live

They also have many, may good songs:
-Who are you
-Won't Get Fooled Again
-My Generation
-I Can't Explain
-The Kids Are Alright
-Love, Reign O'er Me
-I Can See For Miles
-Pinball Wizard
-Behind Blues Eyes
-The Seeker
-Baba O'Riley

They have ten studio albums:
1.My Generation-1965
2.A Quick One-1966
3.The Who Sell Out-1967
4.Tommy the Rock Opera-1969
5.Who's Next-1971
6.Quadrophenia the Rock Opera-1973
7.The Who by Numbers-1975
8.Who Are You-1978
9.Face Dances
10.It's Hard

After the Album Who Are You, Keith Moon died from an accidental drug overdose to help him with his alcoholic addiction.The Who went on to produce two more albums before calling it a day.In 1985 they performed at Live Aid then went back into obscurity.In 2002 before the Who were to go on thier first world tour for over twenty years John Entwistle died of a heart attack but the Who went on anyway.As of now they doing their last world tour and are releasing their 11th and last album October 23, 2006.

Thier current line-up is:
Roger Daltry-Vocals
Pete Townshend-Guitar, Songwriter
Pino Palladino-Bass
Zack Starky-Drums

Thier best compilations album is The Who:Then and Now and thier greatest live album is Live At Leeds.
To find out more about The Who visit wikipedia.org or go see on of their concerts on tape to see how the greatest live band functioned.
by Taxman July 29, 2006
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The second greatest rock band of all time, behind Led Zeppelin.
the top five are:
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Who
3. The Beatles
4. The Allman Brothers
5. The Rolling Stones
by your Lord and Savior August 26, 2007
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