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A pie so delicious, that it gives you an orgasm. Pecan pie is usually the pie in question, because pecans look like tiny vaginas. Very rare.
man i gotta get me some of that there Orgasm Pie!
by [undefined] December 25, 2005
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What person A says to person B shortly after person A roundhouse kicks the shit out of person B. Comes from Chuck Norris.

Disclaimer: if you say this, you must loudly beg for mercy, as if you dont Chuck Norris will fall from the sky and use your legs as chopsticks.
*Bill roundhouse kicks Mike*
Mike: Ow!
Bill: "You Got Chuck'd"
Bill: Chuck Norris, I have erred in my judgement, please spare a humble pheasant in your all-seeing eye!
*Chuck Norris falls from sky, winks at Bill, and proceeds to impregnate every woman in a five mile radius simulaneously*
by [undefined] April 30, 2006
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When someone decorates an ipod with something that makes it look horrible. Say, draws on it with permanent marker. Or covers it in a plastic case that looks like R2-D2. Want another example? try spray painting it with incandescent purple paint. Hence the "Crap".
Hey, did you hear? Bill got an iCrap, its got sausage decals on it
by [undefined] April 30, 2006
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The quirkiest, strangest band ever to be spawned from the 1960s. Composing of four completley different people with what seemed like absolutely nothing in common, The Who took the rock stage by storm when they introduced their strange performance to the world. The main way the Who brought something new to the stage was by far their endings. After the show was over, they would proceed to completely destroy every single object that happened to be within range. Today, the Who are half disbanded, due to the fact that John Entwhistle, their bass player, and Keith Moon, their "Patent British Exploding Drummer", are both dead. *sob*. Anywhoo, the band is most famous for their two "Rock Operas", "Tommy", and "Quadrophenia". Also, the theme song for "CSI" was written by The Who. the name, naturally, is Who Are You.
"Hey, did you hear this awesome song by The Who?"
by [undefined] December 21, 2005
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