A Liverpool term for an 'old fashioned' type security guard employed to patrol education premises, building sites, etc. Usually these men were well past retirement and cheap employment for the local authorities
Do a runner, here comes the cocky watchman!
by Grozzee January 30, 2012
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A turd that somebody leaves in the bowl overnight.

The expression comes from the English game of cricket where a batsman is sent to the crease with the sole aim of still being there in the monring.
I went to the bathroom this morning, and my girlfriend had left a vile night watchman in the toilet.
by Bobtbuilder September 10, 2003
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- a bowel movement that refuses to flush after a night on the 'tiles', and confronts you the morning-after when it had all but been forgotten.
- "...euh! At least the night-watchman was looking over us last night Judith!"
by Glamracket October 25, 2003
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A lone wolf protector of the people who stands on top of a plinth in the middle of the night, watching over the city and looking out for wrongdoers and renegades. Once they have seen something, they have a direct line to all superheroes and, before long, the night is safe again, all because of the midnight watchman.
The streets weren't safe at night, but thanks to the midnight watchman, our superhero friends came to the rescue.
by freewheelinjo December 2, 2018
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a man placed in the rear of a mid-night train....
My heart is breaking cus I'm the night watchman in the rear of mid-night train..
My honey I won't see again, she leaving cus I'm a night watchman in the rear of mid-night train...

Hay it's better than a trud floating in the pot....
by itichie_nocanpo October 2, 2006
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leaving a hot steaming shit in one's toliet for them to wake up to
Aw shit. That bitch left me a midnight watchman!!!
by jlewis1 November 18, 2010
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To initiate a Boston watchman, you must be in doggy style with your girl facing a window. Simultaneously slip out while your buddy slips in without your partner knowing. As your buddy keeps getting it, walk outside and wave from a distance so your girl sees you through the window.
Totally pulled a Boston Watchman on Becky last night with my virgin friend Jake.
by Please Touch It III December 28, 2016
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