A term used in the sport of Cricket.

Comparable to a batter in baseball.
The batsman just hit the ball straight out of the ground!!
by LGD May 10, 2004
a generic derogatory term, for a cum guzzling thundercunt.
"luk at my mod hat!12"
"tommy, your a batsman."
by luciferschild666 January 25, 2008
Someone who bats for the other team. A homosexual.
Nigel Ellis of tech support is a batsman of the highest order.
by AW December 22, 2004
A batsman is a gay man who likes mincing and taking it up the arse (batty)
by Ballsacks mcgavin August 19, 2019
derogatory slang implying a homosexual in a partnership
the bowler and batsman partnership, further implying anal intercourse
Used in the uk this is a cricket metaphor
A) look out here they come, dont bend over, ha ha ha
B) I reckon the fat one is the batsman dont you?
A) Oh I dont know, we'll have to see which one's got the balls
by Danny Kaye September 21, 2006
A cricket term, to denote a man who bats a different way to the traditional right-handed stance.

A gay man, an uphill gardener.
That George Michael, he must be with the Laras, Gilchrists and Gangulys of this world. He's definitely a left-handed batsman!
by Sumo December 12, 2006
An expression of minor gratitude towards an action that is courteous yet expected
An off spinner is bowling and the batsman plays a soft handed forward defensive stroke which causes the ball to drop dead by his feet. The batsman bends over and tosses the ball back to the bowler to which the bowler acknowledges the gesture "thank you batsman"
by petsiders January 21, 2018