One of the best features of any construction site. They are mainly used as a portable restroom for workers, but after dark they have alot more uses. One can run up to them and tip them over in an activity called port-o-tipping. Fireworks can be lit inside of them, in hopes that it won't catch fire, and they can also be ridden down large grassy hills. They usually smell like shit and are crawling with disease.
Hellraiser 1: Dude, there's a port-o-potty. You know the drill!

Hellraiser 2: I know, tip it, toss in a few Black Cats, and get the fuck outta there!
by TZR June 26, 2005
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One who fucks in a Port-O-Potty.
(doesn't matter if they are named Pete)
Billy: Hey Melanie, lets go in this stink hole of a bathroom and fuck like rabbits.
Melanie: Uh, OK, tee-hee.
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"So i was in bed with my girlfriend when i discovered that i had to take a shit, so i gave her a Puerto Rican Port-o-Potty by smushing her vag to my asshole and i laying a hot terd." said Julio
by edward houssein November 18, 2007
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