the name squad leader is given to a man so powerful you can't describe him in words. More people know of squad leader (Big Bird) than of Jesus Christ. He has the eyes of a hawk and the abitlity to fly. He is always watching you and will always be eager to critique your tight reach right/left form. In his prime he was 6 5 300 lbs and he expects only bigger of the lineman he coaches. He has the strength of two thouand ox and has an abnormaly large chin. if you are a student of him be prepared for inferno. if you think his weight lifting sessions are hard, try doing 100 yard suicides in a suana for 6 hours and then doing tight reaches with the man himself for another 3. if you are ever able to spot him which is rare considering his speed of flight. He will be wearing a gray NFL equipment shirt vikings/chargers with a black undershirt. jordan shorts and blue boomba shoes with a very slick har cut.
Squad Leader- What is your favorite college?
Nick- probably Illinois!
SL- no. your favorite fucking college is iowa
by Little Bird Sixty Nine September 2, 2010
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A name given to someone so awesome, they use special ops communication in day-to-day life.
Brad: "Hey Matt!"

Brad: "Dude, I farted so bad."
by ZUUUUUULE December 25, 2008
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this is referring either to scott or james, which are leaders of squad squad, but the leader of the squad squad youtube channel is James
the squad squad leaders are doing gud.
by USST-James January 25, 2019
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Salty Squad "Leader" : Adjective: the leader of a squad, who refuses to recognize how important each member is. Typically believes that his actions alone can guarantee a vicotry or win in the underlying event. Will give props to another member of the squad when they do well, however, he believes it was a direct result of him being there.
Hand tat Matt is such a salty squad "Leader".
by Droppingtruth26 March 31, 2016
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