One of the First and Best Third Wave Ska bands. From NYC, i believe. Recently released 'Enemy of the System' on the small San Francisco label Asian Man Records.
Two Tone Army, Shocker, Decision At Midnight....the Toasters...they rawk.
by yosoyjohn July 18, 2006
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Type of vehicle with a "toaster"-like appearance.
Honda Element, Ford Flex, Scion xB and Nissan Cube are "toasters."
by WhoIsUsingNotTelling? October 24, 2010
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An especially useless piece of computing equipment. Old hardware only good for heating things up.
That XXX server is essentially a toaster.
by lantz July 12, 2006
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A beautiful creature that gives us the ability to create advanced bread with toppings.
Some1: We need to buy a toaster.
Some2: Yeah.
by Watermelon x) February 27, 2018
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a toaster uses magical power to turn bread into toast in 2 minutes or something.
toaster something
by nolifejim November 23, 2020
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toasters are a famous invention most commonly used for bathing, making toast/waffles/pancakes/toaster stroodles/pop-tarts/forks. (note that if your gender is bread then you most likely are into toasters, literally)
by im in school right now no joke October 26, 2018
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A low quality electronic church organ. (organist slang)
Stephen had to play a toaster at St. Joseph's this morning. It was nasty 1980's Allen.
by church_organist August 30, 2009
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