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A gun gearbox decided to add to borderlands 3. also known as "a gun with legs". probably gonna be the best gun in borderlands.
everybody gansta till the gun starts walking.
walking gun
A really gay guy who can out of the closet since birth. They usually play hard to get and flirt with men. Sometimes wears a hot pink fuzzy scarf. loves the cock. Also hella sassy
Strawberry Ice Cream
the oompa loompa thot slayer is a rare breed of oompa loompa that can only be made when a oompa loompa mates with a reese. It's purpose it to slay a thot that dares to walk into willy's gay hous- i mean chocolate factory.
Oompa Loompa Thot Slayer- "Oompa Loompa, doopidy doo, you are a thot so begone do you
Thot- *get hacked into millions of little peices*
by im in school right now no joke October 25, 2018
a being not to be messed with. sansfield is the child of sans and garfield