Ever wonder how to get big hair?
You've come to the right place. (:
You will need:
a rattail comb
Step 1: Take a small section of your hair. Hold it upwards. Backcomb it(comb towards your head.)until it's ratty.
Step 2: Do this with all of your hair, except for the bottom layer.
Step 3: Statue of Liberty much? Don't worry. You didn't do it wrong! (: Take some of the top layers and comb it normally until it's smooth. That way you won't be able to see the rattiness of it. If the ends are sticking out, just comb them until they don't.
Step 4: If it looks big enough for you, hairspray it everywhere! It will last most of the day.
Step 5: If it's not big enough for you, you have gone too far. If you wanted it bigger you just tease it more.
-May not work with non-layered hair.
-If your hair is silky, it may not stay teased.
by zomgkate November 11, 2007
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