The unintentional outcome of a misread due to a hyphenation, e.g. therapist hyphenated to the-rapist.
Kate was reading her romance novel and she came across the chapter on Stella getting psychological help and mistakenly read “Bob asked Stella where she was headed so urgently and Stella replied ‘the-
rapist’ thinking that Stella was going to visit the rapist”. Likely resulting in Stella soaking in a rape bath, that Kate was oh so familiar with.
by the coMANd'r June 16, 2020
Someone who doesn't take no for an answer. One can pretend that one didn't hear what the other said, but body language should say how it is.
Nigel: "I ran yesternday into the most stunning woman with amazing breasts. I couldn't believe my fortune! Made love to her immediately after. She made objections, but I didn't let that spoil my incredible night out."
Humphrey: "Oh, great. Another rapist!"
by Esa4 January 28, 2021
Bein rapistic is being an idiot that obsesses with stupid unimportant things an often fingerblasts goblins an loves a bit of bbw
lad1 says I toold you it was pink not purple. Lad2 says shut up you rapistic cunt
by tubeyx123 January 20, 2014
A person that is found to have forced sexual relations on another individual.
Fanti is found to be a rapist.
by PoisonW August 6, 2016
Someone who will force sex upon you. So if you see one... RUN! Who cares if he has puppies!
Rapist: do you want to see my puppies? They're in my van...

You: *runs away*
by Peoples of the world September 27, 2015
One who snatches your people up. The only defense to this is to hide your kids, your wife and even your husband 'cause they raping everybody out there.
Man 1: It's obvious there is a rapist in Lincoln Park. He's climbing through windows and snatching your people up.

Man 2: That's terrible! What do I do about this?

Man 1: Hide your kids, hide your wife, and even your husband 'cause they raping everybody out there.
by Bigflyingdistraction August 11, 2010
A person who forces sex upon another.
Jon Black is a rapist. He raped his sister, Jessica.
by Jon Black June 6, 2003