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If your name is Lesli, you are very outgoing, creative, a true friend and many more things. You are a leader not a follower an you love netflix. You are very wise and honest. Everyone needs you in life. You have morals, you love privacy. You always think before you act, you stay true to what you believe in and to who you are. You love making people happy. You always keep trying and never give up. You also like to swear. Fuck
Melanie: Did you see Lesli's room?
Cassie: Yeah. Its just like her personality!
by netflix_books March 04, 2016
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Could be a name for a man but what a woman! Artistic, slightly neurotic, but oh-so-cute in that come-spank-me-big-daddy way. If she loves you, you're set.
I'm very lucky that I know Lesli.
by sullyplease January 08, 2009
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Lesli is a very beautiful person energetic she could be a nigga hanging out with other niggas every Lesli need a Sandra in their life the most loyal friend you'll have
Lesli is a great friend
by Nigganigganiggabruh December 28, 2015
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