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when someone is so close to orgasm that he or she cannot stop having sex/masturbating, regardless of the circumstances
"I heard my roommate coming up the stairs, but I was already at the point of no return so he opened the door just in time to see me blow my load all over my desk."
by kotero January 13, 2007
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In the restaurant world, this phrase describes the method by which a server will try to get a table out of his section as quickly as possible. This method is especially useful when dealing with customers who are not spending a lot of money and therefore, will not leave a big tip.
Popular methods include speedy food delivery, dropping the check before clearing plates, using short and speedy sentences, and anything else that will expedite the process of getting those cheap customers the hell out of there.
Waiter #1: Bleeding hell! My 4-top ordered 4 glasses of water, and they're splitting an appetizer. And that's all they're getting.
Waiter #2: You better turn and burn if you want to make any money tonight.
by kotero January 13, 2007
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