What guys in Ny refer to as they're bro .
Jah:"Yo Jay Word to my mother you really my muddy "
by Hoodfavnigga March 26, 2021
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If you knew a someone for 10 plus years and y’all got it through the “mud” together than that’s your “muddy” word was also made by the “YGZ” / “whG5pty”and Bronx nyc aka RPT
“This really my muddy right here

“This really my heart knew he for many years (muddyyyyyyyyyy)”
by Bronx king March 28, 2021
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Where The Codiene In Your Drank Is Very Thick.Houston Slang
Cup So Muddy Like A Hog Pen-J Dawg
by Yung Phat Pat June 22, 2010
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Huevitoooo your muddy my boy... Cut the bangs !
by Ryan and Adam May 9, 2016
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Refers to a females vagina that happens to be loose or particularly large.
Ay cuz, Marvin said that bitch muddy as hell, I dont even wanna hit it no more...
by Ben Marley September 26, 2005
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When you're face is looking a bit scruffy, your foundations cracked and your hair looks greasy. The humiliating realty of not showering for three days straight.
"You coming out today?"
"Nah... Looking bare muddy right now sorry"
by heavydirtytshirt May 4, 2016
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A song by Lil Metro MeechxSteezyx303xSantii
On all platforms now 🔥🤫😈
"you heard that new muddy by meech"
"Listen to that shit it slaps"
by Fuckddde March 4, 2019
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