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a neighborhood in medford, new york, where most of the street names end with pine
blackpine, redpine, scotchpine
alot of drugs and violence around that area
rob-i gotta walk through the pines tonight
tom- watch yourself there, its pretty bad and get outta there before it gets dark
by thatniggachill11232 December 09, 2007
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Area of Medford NY with most of the street names ending in pine. Notorious for drug dealers and gang violence. Part of the the Patchogue-Medford School District.
Joe: Where you live?

John: The Pines in Medford.

Joe: Isnt that kind of ghetto?

John: Only after dark.
by Jamal Johnson56 March 25, 2009
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A bad neighborhood located in Medford, New York.
The "Ghetto" part of Medford.
If you drive down to the Pines you will see streets littered with broken beer bottles, overgrown lawns, large old men drinking on their porches, etc. There are many teenage drunks and stoners there as well, and many other unsavory characters live in that neighborhood.

The Pines is known for its crime, the police are often called in for drugs, domestic violence, gang violence and for breaking up house parties.

It is called "The Pines" because many (but not all) street names end with the word "pine" (ex: Scotch Pine Drive, Pitchpine Place, etc.)

Certain parts of The Pines fall within the South Country School District, but a majority of the neighborhood is in the Patchogue-Medford School District. The "ghetto kids" from those districts are usually from the Pines.

There is a playground on Southaven Avenue, across from Silverpine Drive, called "Twelve Pines Park" it has basketball courts, a jungle gym and swings, however it is often empty, the only people using it being stoners using it as a place to get high, or skanky girls passing by.

Streets located in The Pines: Scotch Pine Dr, Matsunaye Dr, Lacebark Ln, Pitchpine Pl, Lollypine Ln, TorreyPine Ln, White Pine Way, Norway Pine Dr, Clusterpine St, Silver Pine Dr, Big Cone Ln, Swisstone St, Longleaf Ln, Balsam Ave, Redpine Dr, Crooked Pine Dr, Ash Dr.
People from the Pines will cut your stomach open if they think you've swallowed a penny.

Bob: I live in The Pines.
Steve: I'm sorry.
by xoxoKelseyx3 August 06, 2009
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Probably one of the most interesting places in the Pentucket district. The Pines is a dumb little park near the river and next to the police station in Groveland where stoners go at night to blaze and whores go into the woods to give hj s to guys. Everyone is Groveland knows that The Pines is nothing special, but when people from West Newbury and Merrimac, MA come to Groveland, all they wanna do is go there. The police come around at night to catch people but all they do is drive around for a minute and then go back. At the Pines there are a few main areas. The playground is a playground meant for little kids, and the fields are baseball and softball fields for little league. Also, there are two basketball courts inside a chain link fence. The docks are basically a boat ramp but high school kids come down there to make out. There is also a trail that goes into the woods where guys get brain and all the stoners come out at night.
Merrimac Kid: Hey, I'm bored, what should we do?
West Newbury Kid: OMG Let's go to The Pines! It's so fun there!
Groveland Kid: Fuck... no. The Pines is mad boring.
Merrimac Kid: NO. We're going.

Guy: Hey baby, wanna blow me?
Whore: Sure, let's go The Pines. We can go smoke weed after.
by BoysLoveVaginas January 02, 2011
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The Pines A.K.A Frankston North ,is a suburb in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.It is a lower class working area.In the 70s and 80s the pines was at its worst filled with drugs street racing and gangs.Right now The pines is a run down Ghetto area in the city of frankston. It still has a bad rep, and if youre in there especially after dark u better watch ya back.
JHON= Hey i got to walk through The Pines tonight,MARK = watch youre self round there and make sure u get out of there before it gets dark.
by 369 August 18, 2007
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