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as Defined by Tupac:
"u know wat gang violence is?, mostly, and the people dont want u 2 hear this. Somebody shoots your family member, so ofcourse u retaliate, same thing the U.S does except nobody even shot they family members. they see, somebody bomb a school, and all these people get killed so the united states say ooh that's messed up we gotta go show em who tha real killas is.
by Papoose August 06, 2005
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The criminal and non-political acts of violence committed by a group of people who regularly engage in criminal activity against innocent people. The term may also refer to physical hostile interactions between two or more gangs. The term gang refers to two or more people organized to achieve a common objective and who share a common identity. Gangs identify themselves with a common name or sign.
That man used gang violence against me!
by Jabba Ranks August 13, 2020
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