An overpowering longing for something/someone especially when two lovers are apart.
James is pining for the Michelle's touch.
by shuft February 24, 2006
Pining is a unbearable lust for a unreachable loved one. Symptoms included frequent crying or more precisely whining!Denial has also been noticed in patients recently!
Neil sat in his armchair, his arms flung by his side and eyes gazed towards the picture of his beloved ali. He had been pining since she kissed his ex-best friend collie. As his emotional tears plummet past his quivering lips and into his unshaved stuble. hopeless and alone he ponders about the "better days", the nightime walks, the aquarium and the hand in hand ice-skating. his cooler friends enter the room and begin to call him various names like "fag" and bumbder, this sends him into a deeper state of depression.
by Joe Mackenzie July 11, 2008
When a man is separated from his love either by distance or break-up. The man heart is so lonely and whilst thinking of his love, a tear or two comes to his eyes.
The Greek man was pining for his beloved Pakistani girl. His random thoughts of her (stroking her hair, looking in her big brown eyes) would bring him to a place of utter contentment.
by ctwoman February 21, 2012
it's when u push ur dick against another person's dick and u just like ,, poke each other. that's it. that's pining.
sam: what did you and cas do last night?
dean: oh, we were pining over each other.
by squintyangelcas January 29, 2016
There are two definitions of pining
1. To fuck/engage is sexual intercourse
2. When two people are all over each other.
"Julia and Ryan are pining on the couch."
by JARULE September 17, 2012
An offshoot of whining, mostly heard issuing from loudmouth office types.
Monday morning, and Stef is pining already....
by terrible Terry tate September 15, 2005