It's a serious issue sweeping the nation! Used to describe the state one is in after watching a movie that was extremely hyped to the point where disappointment was bound to be the only result. The origin of the word is from the movie "The Notebook" as this film is often over-hyped.
Friend 1: hey man this movie is so awesome, it's the best movie ever made! You're going to love it, it's amazing

Friend 2: Let's watch it!

-they watch it-

Friend 2: well that wasn't very good, would've been better if you hadn't notebooked it!


Friend 1: This movie is the greatest thing ever made

Friend 2: Thanks bro, now I'm going to hate it. You've notebooked it to the point where there's no way I can like it.
by Arjun Patel234 January 29, 2011
Based on the best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks. One of the few movies that's actually as good as/better than the book with some very talented actors.
Ok, ok. It's the definition of a chick flick. It's the movie girls force their boyfriends to watch repeatedly and the boyfriend pretends not to like it, when in actuality, they think it's quite a good movie but are too manly to admit it.
Typical male: My girlfriend made me watch the Notebook last night. Total fucking chick flick, man!
Typical male friend: Yeah, man, that movie sucked but the sex scenes were off the hook!
by ilovechickflix October 6, 2009
Journal, Processor, Exceleration, Driver, destination of a persons thoughts and inquiries in life.
I dropped my notebook

My notebook is a Mac Pro. i.e. A Dell is a decent Notebook

They have story's about each other in there notebooks.

Woman to Woman: Honey you can have his body we just share our notebooks. that means worlds more to me than being the not the nail but the tail of his life.
by KWlf88<*}}}>StencleSet January 20, 2010
a portable computer that gets to hot to put on your lap, so it mainly stays off your lap, like on the table or somethin' like that. mostly gaming notebooks
person 1: i just got a gaming notebook today :)
person 2: don't u mean laptop?
person 1: no i can't put it on my lap, it will burn my lap alive while playing a game! especially crysis!
person 2: ya, don't burn yourself now.. XD
by X64-Brendon July 26, 2008
Stopping development on a product because you can't find a way to develop a revenue stream from it, even though it's widely-used and supported by other products you make.
"Did you hear that Google just notebooked it's Google Video service?"

"Did you hear that Google just notebooked it's Jaiku service?"
by LimeyRat March 12, 2009
"Red notebook!" is an exclamatory approximately equal to the meaning, "that is so obviously obvious and apparent that you must be an absolute moron not to have caught it."

In other words, DUH. Red notebook!

Usually accompanied by rolling eyes or, in text or IM conversations, an eye-rolling emote.
"Omg you mean all that music I downloaded from Pirate Bay was pirated?!"
"Duh! Red notebook!"


"Hey, where's Allie?"
"I'm right here. Red notebook!"
by SharkyFishEaterVegetarian August 19, 2009
it means duh. something as obvius as a bright red notebook
when im trying to eat?? duh, red notebook!
by MrSquiggles June 7, 2011