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Term used to describe a girl who makes a boy sad and emotional from watching the film "The Notebook".
Girl 1: How you get him to be so sensitive
Girl 2: I notebooked him.
by PolandSpring June 02, 2006
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A term used to describe how a guy or girl gets their boyfriend or girlfriend to watch the movie "The Notebook", and most times, trying to (or successfully) making them emotional and sad so they are in a state to be seduced/ needing to be loved. A term used to describe what usually comes after is "notebook sex". "Notebooking" was featured in a Season 3 episode of "One Tree Hill".
Guy: That was so sad...
Girl: Wanna make out?


Girl: I can't believe I've never seen that before! That's so sad...
Guy: Wanna do it?


Guy 1: How'd you do it, man?
Guy 2: I notebooked her sooky ass!


Girl 1: How'd you get him in bed? That's so hard to do to a guy for me...
Girl 2: It's called "notebooking", bitch!
by s112 July 27, 2007
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when a guy or girl falls madly in love with someone and turns into a sap and stops seeing their friends and going out socialising and instead sits at home staring into the eyes of their loved one.
they have the same loving look in their eyes as the characters in the film the notebook.
guy 1: hey dude want to come out tonight and get drunk.
guy 2: no me and my girlfriend/ boyfriend are staying in and watching p.s i love you.
guy 1: its going to be the best night ever. we got invited to a pornstars house. she lives in a brewery and has her own adventure park.
guy 2: no, ill pass thanks. i really really want to watch p.s i love you and drink a nice glass of rose wine.
guy 1: you are notebooked.
by jaieliz December 27, 2009
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When a girl tries to make a guy watch the notebook, but instead gets bent over the coffee table ten mins before the end!
"Mate did you get notebooked last night?"
"Nah I notebooked her!"
by The Notebooker October 03, 2011
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When you watch the movie The Notebook, and you get action because of it, you have "notebooked" the girl.
Last night Jen came over and I notebooked her.
by ubersaurus June 04, 2006
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It's a serious issue sweeping the nation! Used to describe the state one is in after watching a movie that was extremely hyped to the point where disappointment was bound to be the only result. The origin of the word is from the movie "The Notebook" as this film is often over-hyped.
Friend 1: hey man this movie is so awesome, it's the best movie ever made! You're going to love it, it's amazing

Friend 2: Let's watch it!

-they watch it-

Friend 2: well that wasn't very good, would've been better if you hadn't notebooked it!


Friend 1: This movie is the greatest thing ever made

Friend 2: Thanks bro, now I'm going to hate it. You've notebooked it to the point where there's no way I can like it.
by Arjun Patel234 January 28, 2011
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