Term used to describe a girl who makes a boy sad and emotional from watching the film "The Notebook".
Girl 1: How you get him to be so sensitive
Girl 2: I notebooked him.
by PolandSpring June 3, 2006
When a girl tries to make a guy watch the notebook, but instead gets bent over the coffee table ten mins before the end!
"Mate did you get notebooked last night?"
"Nah I notebooked her!"
by The Notebooker October 3, 2011
It's a serious issue sweeping the nation! Used to describe the state one is in after watching a movie that was extremely hyped to the point where disappointment was bound to be the only result. The origin of the word is from the movie "The Notebook" as this film is often over-hyped.
Friend 1: hey man this movie is so awesome, it's the best movie ever made! You're going to love it, it's amazing

Friend 2: Let's watch it!

-they watch it-

Friend 2: well that wasn't very good, would've been better if you hadn't notebooked it!


Friend 1: This movie is the greatest thing ever made

Friend 2: Thanks bro, now I'm going to hate it. You've notebooked it to the point where there's no way I can like it.
by Arjun Patel234 January 29, 2011
Stopping development on a product because you can't find a way to develop a revenue stream from it, even though it's widely-used and supported by other products you make.
"Did you hear that Google just notebooked it's Google Video service?"

"Did you hear that Google just notebooked it's Jaiku service?"
by LimeyRat March 12, 2009
The world's greatest example of a chick flick. Based off a book by Nicholas Sparks (of A Walk to Remember fame, so you know what you're getting from the start), it follows two Southern teenagers (played by Ryan Gosling, who every girl who's ever seen the movie develops an irrational crush on, and Rachel McAdams, who is much more palatable in Wedding Crashers) from apparently the 1950s to the present day. Being male, I didn't keep track of the plot, or the dialogue, or much else: I just kept handing the girl I was watching it with tissues and nipping off to the bathroom to check the Chicago White Sox score.
Guy: Oh god, here we go again...
by kev07 August 20, 2006
1. the movie that surpassed vibrators as the most common female masturbatory aid.
2.a sure way to get a girl wet in one way or the other.
3. the second coming of the Anti-Penis.
Man, I just Hotel Rwanda.... that is the saddest movie ever.

Not as sad as The Notebook!

by Bee_Rad Reeser November 30, 2009
A term used to describe how a guy or girl gets their boyfriend or girlfriend to watch the movie "The Notebook", and most times, trying to (or successfully) making them emotional and sad so they are in a state to be seduced/ needing to be loved. A term used to describe what usually comes after is "notebook sex". "Notebooking" was featured in a Season 3 episode of "One Tree Hill".
Guy: That was so sad...
Girl: Wanna make out?


Girl: I can't believe I've never seen that before! That's so sad...
Guy: Wanna do it?


Guy 1: How'd you do it, man?
Guy 2: I notebooked her sooky ass!


Girl 1: How'd you get him in bed? That's so hard to do to a guy for me...
Girl 2: It's called "notebooking", bitch!
by s112 July 28, 2007