When a girl tries to make a guy watch the notebook, but instead gets bent over the coffee table ten mins before the end!
"Mate did you get notebooked last night?"
"Nah I notebooked her!"
by The Notebooker October 3, 2011
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when a guy or girl falls madly in love with someone and turns into a sap and stops seeing their friends and going out socialising and instead sits at home staring into the eyes of their loved one.
they have the same loving look in their eyes as the characters in the film the notebook.
guy 1: hey dude want to come out tonight and get drunk.
guy 2: no me and my girlfriend/ boyfriend are staying in and watching p.s i love you.
guy 1: its going to be the best night ever. we got invited to a pornstars house. she lives in a brewery and has her own adventure park.
guy 2: no, ill pass thanks. i really really want to watch p.s i love you and drink a nice glass of rose wine.
guy 1: you are notebooked.
by jaieliz December 27, 2010
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codename for any type of gum that has 5% or less gum per volume
Most domestic and imported beers, bacardi silver, smirnoff ice, and mike's lemonade.
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1. The sadest movie ever made!! Will make you cry for hours!!!

2. A book where paper is stored and u write in it
1. I cried for hours when i saw The Notebook.

2. "Have u seen mi Math notebook?"
by i_LOVe_hOT_sExY_nErDZ.. February 22, 2005
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head; anytime you watch The Notebook with a girl you are bound to get head thus it being called notebook
Yo I just got notebook in blockbuster!!
by KingNani April 18, 2006
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When you watch the movie The Notebook, and you get action because of it, you have "notebooked" the girl.
Last night Jen came over and I notebooked her.
by ubersaurus June 4, 2006
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The act of notebooking someone is when you invite a lady over, expecting to get some "action", and watch the movie The Notebook. When she tells you that she would like to watch the movie when you try to make out with her, you whip out your fuck stick and start roughing up the suspect. Finish by shooting off your load onto her face and telling her to leave the house, regardless of the house is yours or hers.
I went to Holly's house thinking I would get some action but she just wanted to watch the movie...so I notebooked her.
by Duncan McCockiner August 26, 2008
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