n. (Can be disparaging) The Japanese.

The term's origin was in World War II, when it was often used by Americans in the context of decrying the perceived treachery, cunning, and craziness of the Japanese.
Joe: "Did you know that in Japan, you can buy a 14-year-old's used panties from a vending machine?"

Bob: "Those crazy nips."
by Carl Willis August 25, 2004
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a small and funnier word for nipples, mostly used for quite pokey nipples
go suck edwards nip nips
by chris neaves April 18, 2004
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Sending someone a pictuture of your nipple expecting to receive a picture of their nipple in return.
Yo homie, let's go nip for nip. You show me yours and I'll show you mine!
by Dolfyn Stamos December 30, 2016
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A shorter version of th word nipples. Also happens to sound funnier and more appealing.
After a chilly swim in a river one guy notices that his friends nipples are hard as diamonds.

Man A: dude watch it, your nip-nips are so hard they could kill!

Man B: Thank alot just make me feel like more retarded why don't ya.

Man A: I'm just saying bro watch it...
by Ozzie Rodriguez November 15, 2009
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NIP NIPS should only be seen during cold weather, chills and arousal... yet underneath clothing
You seriously have a (nip nips) on
by RandomAdd June 18, 2010
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a term meaning "nipple". used when not the right time to use the whole word nipple, or you feel like ciseing it up to make it sound funny.
Did you get your nip-nip's pierced?
by b stouff May 4, 2004
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"Shouldn't we help him?"
(sarcastic)"That's a great idea, let's hop out the van so we can all get nipped."
by A.C. Sativa May 6, 2013
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