"Shouldn't we help him?"
(sarcastic)"That's a great idea, let's hop out the van so we can all get nipped."
by A.C. Sativa May 6, 2013
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To be bitten on the nipple, usually in an erotic way.
Person1: My girlfriend loves to sponaneously bite my nipples during sex.

Person2: Yeah, she definitely does. She also likes being the one licked and nipped--Oh shit!
by tribbledibblebibble(sc3n3) December 9, 2011
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Nipped/ Nipping is the act of cutting someone off while talking whose trying to offend you or insult you, and treating they ass right back with an offensive/ smart ass come back. This word is commonly used in Chicago.
Khrissy: "Her ass was trying to come for me, talking about my hair doesn't look right. I instantly nipped her ass."
by vursxce January 21, 2017
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a small and funnier word for nipples, mostly used for quite pokey nipples
go suck edwards nip nips
by chris neaves April 18, 2004
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Sending someone a pictuture of your nipple expecting to receive a picture of their nipple in return.
Yo homie, let's go nip for nip. You show me yours and I'll show you mine!
by Dolfyn Stamos December 30, 2016
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A shorter version of th word nipples. Also happens to sound funnier and more appealing.
After a chilly swim in a river one guy notices that his friends nipples are hard as diamonds.

Man A: dude watch it, your nip-nips are so hard they could kill!

Man B: Thank alot just make me feel like more retarded why don't ya.

Man A: I'm just saying bro watch it...
by Ozzie Rodriguez November 15, 2009
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NIP NIPS should only be seen during cold weather, chills and arousal... yet underneath clothing
You seriously have a (nip nips) on
by RandomAdd June 18, 2010
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