1. term meaning naked, nude and unclothed
1. Did you see that new pic of Christina Aguilera? She's fuckin starkers!
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walking out of the shower with no clothes on and your friends are there to greet you.

You: O shit! you caught me starkers
freinds: ahh! my eyes! my eyes!
by Alex January 26, 2005
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to be naked (im Adams/Eveskostum)
Cor, mush! you're running around tesco starkers!
by ruß May 2, 2003
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The name of a ship that includes Peter Parker (aka Spider-Man) and Tony Stark (aka IronMan).
OMG, Starker is my OTP, look at this fluffy fanfic.
by Never tickle a sleeping dragon October 26, 2018
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A ship between Tony and Peter in the marvel universe.

Starker is amazing ship!
by Emily Smith Parker December 26, 2018
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British slang meaning to be incredibly intoxicated or high.
"I smoked too much man, I am fucking starkers right now."
by CaptainBritish December 16, 2014
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crazy, delusional, insane, mad, nuts,
After the party, the police tazed and arrested Dave after someone reported him for jumping off the balcony onto the hood of their car, and proceeding to leap from car to car screaming about being chased by witches. Yeah, he was absolutely starkers.
by John E. Quip June 14, 2020
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