A sex act when a guy spins a midget while other people around the midget ejaculate on the midget.
-Hey, we did the midget spinner och Erik yesterday
by SavageBoi12345 August 16, 2017
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When during intercourse with a midget, the midget sits on your dick and spins on you much like a fidget spinner
I heard Chad gave a good midget spinner last night
by Smolpener June 22, 2017
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Also known as Levi Ackerman. Standing at 3’2” this little fucker will kick you in shins, because thats the highest he can reach.
Zeke didn’t stand a chance against the little midget spinner.
by Petra Ral February 02, 2021
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Derived from the fidget spinner, the midget spinner is a device consisting of a midget (a child will also do) spinning in a machine at mach speed. This device is common with giants with autism as well as NBA players.
by swag_rabbit69 May 25, 2017
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A short ballerina, pole dancer or artist in a dance form that involves spinning.
When your short friends joins the ballet, you can call her a midget spinner!
by SarcasticIndian October 21, 2020
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Ok, so a Midget Spinner is no different than any Fidget Spinner; except the fact that instead of the Y-shaped device attached to it, now it's a Midget. And it spins around at an insane speed, rendering all the achievements which human have accomplished to this day as less important than it.

Nah.. Midget Spinner is a midget spinning around at an astounding speed that breaks the sound barrier.
A: Look at what I've got!
B: Wut m8?
A: A Fidget Spinner! It's so awesome! asrd641265w4165!%$!^$@(
B: I'd Midget Spinner yo ass!
by doomscyte July 24, 2017
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