I totally think she just typed letter wrong and auto correct failed her. Should I ask her if she meant letter or latter?
by jessica65t6 May 10, 2020
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Used as a form to say goodbye between friends.

Etimology: Distortion Language. Used instead of "later."
"alright see u tommorrow, latter."
by Chingon December 15, 2005
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In a short amount of time or in a long amount of time
Nate: Latter Dude
Cam: Latter
by archerygirl11 July 26, 2015
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Friend 1: “Hey Im going to go climb that latter
Friend 2: “No dude it’s spelled ladder
by Fartman6868 March 8, 2020
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I'm still working on my thesis. as in: Working on my thesis has been such a soporific transitional resilient period of time. Latter days
by H_Urtecho_Burroughs September 23, 2015
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