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Donald J. Trump
: "Attending meetings on Covid-19 in the White House. Working with States and local governments, many of whom have done a great job. Full report latter!"

As part of Trump's dictionary
by thatintelligentguy March 14, 2020
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When any president of any country fu**ks up the country.

This definition strictly should be used for presidents or prime ministers.
Oh Boy, Boris is a TRUMFKR, He TRUMFKED Britain!
by thatintelligentguy July 4, 2020
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starving to watch Netflix as soon as you wake up, rather than doing something that is productive for your life and for your health.
"The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable" - Elon Musk
by thatintelligentguy April 20, 2022
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