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Australasian slang meaning to make a mistake particularly in a funny way.
"Old mate tried doing a backflip off the beer pong table last night and completely kooked it, hurt his head and back but he'll be fine."
by Bilson Beug October 03, 2019
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To be somewhat amusingly crazy but not necessarily in a bad or threatening way. Someone can be temporarily kooked due to an event or generally be kooked all the time. For instance, Molly Shannon and Andy Dick are kooked but Tom Cruise and Hannibal Lector are not.

This is a variation on 'kookoo for cocoa puffs'.
1. "I just saw Brad Pitt on the street and I started screaming like a banchee and whipped my top off to get his attention. I totally went kooked."

2. "He makes his cat wear an Elvis costume and does air guitar to Carly Simon meaning he's friggin' kooked."
by Doyouknowthewaytosanjose February 09, 2007
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To be kooked is to be stoned, through smoking or consumption of marijuana. The word kook has a completely different meaning by itself, but variations suck as kooky are often used to describe various situations involving THC
"Man, I'm so kooked!"
"That is some kooky shit"
"Tonight we will be having a kookfest"
"Let's get kooked and eat pie"
by Jim December 12, 2004
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