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They are a spectacular English indie band, formed in 2001. The band members include the fucking gorgeous lead singer/ and guitarist Luke Prichard. The lovely Hugh Harris. The drummer Paul Garred, Dan Logan was temporary basis, replaced permanently by Peter Denton, as Max Rafferty the ex basis had to leave due to nerve problems in his arm. The kooks are a wonderful band, their lyrics are amazing, they are really funny. The stuff they write is truly magical.
She moves in her own way - The kooks
Niave - The kooks

You don't love me- The kooks

Seaside - The kooks

Sailing - The kooks

See the world - The kooks

Sofa song - The kooks

See the sun - The kooks

Mr. Maker - The Kooks

Always where I need to be - The kooks
by Ashalee100 June 02, 2011

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