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noun. a person who is bizarre or unusual; someone who’s eccentric
"He's such a queer duck with that orange and yellow mohawk and some fifteen piercings on his face."
by mypseudonym_ April 12, 2009
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A show about a gay duck and his friends.
Queer Duck! He's Intellectual! Queer Duck! He's homosexual!
by GEM July 26, 2004
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A cartoon NOBODY has ever seen (the fact it hasn't even got five votes on the IMDb proves this), but everyone knows of it because it was on that 100 Greatest Cartoons thing - instead of Invader Zim or Ghost in the Shell.
"Has anyone seen Queer Duck?!?"
by OD Smith March 21, 2005
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An absolutely amazin cartoon in which the main character is a queer-duck. The guy above my defininition is a asshole. Please look up 'bloaf'.
his mates include:
1)openlygator-an aligator
2)bipolar bear-a polar bear
(both are also gay)
a strange purple duck that fucks other male ducks
by Rik March 22, 2005
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After revealing his love for the afore-mentioned cartoon, it became hard not to notice the resemblance and eventually the overall ideniticity of them both.
Conor, is queerduck.
by Daniel Killen March 27, 2005
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