A drink enjoyed by Dirty South ballaz made by mixing perscription cough medicine containing codiene and soda
What's dat up in my cup? Dat purple stuff!
by Dirty January 2, 2004
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promethazine codeine cough syrup + 20 oz of sprite
...first time users start off with 2 oz, into your 20 oz of sprite in a styrofoam cup
the syrup cost's = $240-280/pint
**Rest in Peace DJ Screw
I got that purple stuff in my cup...
by Young Baller November 2, 2007
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A drink alternative offered in lieu of Sunny Delight. Nobody really knows quite what it tastes like because of how often it is overlooked. It resides in the back of the refrigerator and is usually offered as part of a long list of other beverages that will always end with Sunny D, whereupon all those present get excited and invariably choose the Sunny D.
Only one person is ever documented drinking the purple stuff. He was a little fat kid with glasses wearing a "No Fear" shirt. All of the more althetic kids got in front of him a drank the entire bottle of Sunny D. He was left with the purple stuff. He drank some... and was never seen again.
by crazy b January 9, 2006
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A "pro-relaxation" carbonated soft drink created by Funktional Beverages Inc.

The drink itself contains Rosehips Powder (10MG), Valerian Root (10MG), and L-Theanine (5MG) - all of which are reputable substances to facilitate a relaxed feeling, as well as supplementing dreams and dream creation.

With that said, the drink, in a sense, benefits the user in a way opposite to an "energy drink" such as Redbull, Rockstar, or Monster. Purple Stuff contains no caffeine.

The drink comes in three flavors. A grape flavor, a sort-of berry - fruit-punch flavor, and a lemon-lime flavor.

The valerian root can actually be tasted in each flavor - especially in grape. The lemon-lime is surprisingly smooth to drink, and the berry flavor falls somewhere in between.

The drink itself seems to only be sold at gas stations that get consistent business - AKA they've got the money to buy alternative drinks such as this.
Purple Stuff comes in purple and white 16OZ cans. The can itself is packaged to appeal to nerdy, pseudo drug-users. Most people have too much shame to actually drink it, and others would probably feel embarassed holding it in the store. All of which is too bad, as some professional text and a dark-colored can would make this could-be, legitimate drink accessible.

Yes. You can drink two or three of these and catch a buzz.
Here are some things to keep in mind and try for optimal results.

- Drink Purple Stuff after not sleeping for 24 (+) hours.
- Drink Purple Stuff on an empty stomach.
- Drink Purple Stuff after a meal.
- Drink Purple Stuff when you are well-rested and sober
- Drink Purple Stuff and smoke a bowl of weed.
- Drink Purple Stuff then drink a 16OZ energy drink
- Drink Purple Stuff when you are happy
- Drink Purple Stuff when you are anxious
- Drink Purple Stuff when down/depressed for any reason
- Drink Purple Stuff and go straight to bed
- Drink Purple Stuff and meditate
- Drink Purple Stuff and play video games

Purple Stuff can be purchased with food stamps, though it has "vitamins and supplements" in it - a reason energy drinks such as Monster and Rockstar aren't accessible by such means.
by jfjfjfjfjf October 6, 2011
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syrup, lean, nard, drank, barre, etc.
i just dunked a punk 4 of puple stuff in a little ol 20 ounce hawaiian punch
by Adeezy September 14, 2003
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A drink containing Codine usually grape soda and Nyquill
by DJ ONE 3 August 7, 2003
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Codeine; in its purest state, codeine is purple.
Homie the clown: Man, Imoan get me a gatorade bottle of dat purple stuff.

Homie the clone: Shit, muthafucka, you ain't got the dough fo a forty, let alone dat purple shit.
by wigger August 22, 2003
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