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Slightly underrated best band in the world,who came from Vegas. Consists of 5 members, currently; Alex DeLeon, Alex Marshall, Dave Briggs, Chance Chantry and Joey Thunder.
The Cab's lead singer Alex DeLeon used to date former disney star Demi Lovato but eventually broke up.
by Logansk8 June 30, 2013
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The last band new pop-punk act added to Fueled By Ramen. Pop-punk sung in an R&B manner, the Cab is essentialy FBR's equivalent to Epitaph's The Higher. Currently an opening act on Cobra Starship's Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour.
The Cab was definitely the most different of the openers for the Really Really Ridiculously Good Looking Tour.
by GingerKid12 January 17, 2008
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The best band in the world, with the most talent you will ever EVER find. Also, they put on the BEST shows. They're Alex Cubed, with a hint of Cash and Ian.

Most fans would say you're not a true fan unless you've been following them since before Pete Wentz owned their career.
1. OH GOD, that band's horrible, they wish they could be as good as The Cab.

2. She's hung out with The Cab!? I wish I could be her!

3. I miss when Pete Wentz wasn't so all over The Cab, and they were just a branch on the FBR family tree.
by AlwaysMakeMeSmile February 03, 2009
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