An insult to the Indian company named T-Series made by the 9 year olds from PewDiePie.

sub 2 Pewds pls
by Sub 2 pewdiepie pls April 18, 2019
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The worst youtube channel in the world. Known for pirating songs, tax evasion, sexual assault, and worst of all, threatening lord pewdiepie, the king of youtube and even stealing his crown for a few days. Subscribe to Pewdiepie.
9 Year old: T-GAY!!
Other 9 Year old: No, its t-bad, gay people are in no way bad like T-Series.
9 Year old: Sorry, t bad!!

T-Bad fan: Subscribe to T-Series
9 Year old: You mean the one who is, among tax evasion and sexual assault, threatening king Felix?
T-Bad fan: Yes
9 Year old: *immediately reports user and dislikes videos*
by Random homo sapien April 10, 2019
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