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Indie Kids older, myopic, extremely bitter, twice as eltist brother. Usually nitpicks dumbshit about a metal band based on various reasons becasue they don't measure up to what they consider a "true" metal band is.

Dumb reasons like:

1. Too many views on youtube or album sales that surpass 50 copies, as well as being signed to indpendent labels that they tag as "too mainstream".

2. Easily accesiable to others to purchase their music. Places like BestBuy or iTunes really pisses these clowns off.

3. If they actually have clear vocals, not screeching like a cat trying to escape a blender.

4. They actually tour.

5. They have more than 12 fans.

But let's keep in mind that the people described above are only represent 20% of the metal community (the other 5% being the typical racist/homophobic losers) and the remaining 75% are actually pretty down to earth, cool, funny people.
Regular Metalhead: I cannot wait for the Blood Rush Tour this summer! Lamb of God, Black dahila murder, goblin cock, Dimmu Borgir and GWAR!

Regular Metalhead's friend: Me niether!

Metalhead douche: Are you guys serious? Who wants to pay $30-$60 to watch some mainstream bands perform in front of a bunch of posers?

Regular Metalhead: But they're on Indie labels...

Metalhead Douche: HA-HA! Don't make me laugh, they're on commerical indide labels (goes on babling tirade of pointless shit only his sad sack of shit ass cares about)

Regular metalheads walk away.
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010

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West Coast skater slang (after the terrible, terrible skate company) for someone who spends hundreds dollars on skate shoes, clothes and other merch, only to show up at the local skate spot or park with a cheap ass $20 deck and next to zero knowledge of skateboarding. Actually lower than a poser. Skaters who do this are refererd to as Germs.
Skater 1: So yeah, I'm gonna do a Noille Tre filp 360, then a 180 hardfilp and finish my line with a back lip to hand rail.

Skater 1's friend: Go for it dude!

Germ Skater: I'm gonna follow up with a no hander 220, then a few wheelies and then a few bunny hops!

Skater 1: Pack up your skateboard, grab your stuff and get out. Fuckin' germ.
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010

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A negative, zero social life, loser who knocks other peoples hobbies. Wether they be hunting to football to BMx to D&D, a Hob Knocker will tear down what some people choose to do with their free time, compared to a Hob Knocker who sits on his/her ass in his parents basement looking at pictures and youtube videos of people actually doing shit with their lives.
Regular Guy: I'm going camping this weekend, what about you?

Hob Knocker: *scoffs* Camping??!?! What is this brokeback mountain? So lame.

Regular Women: I'm going to paint a few pictures over summer break!

Hob Knocker: LOL! FAIL! Painting!?!!? You're not making any money on that crap you call painting, so why continue?

Young Kid: I'm going to go BMX riding with my friends!

Hob Knocker: Seriously? What happend when you fall on your ass and crack your head open? YOU COULD DIE! LOL

Young Kid:.....You Hob Knockers have no lives what so ever.

Hob Knocker: *cries on the inside*
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010

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1.)Anarchy for rich people.

2.) What every High School dropout in the suburbs believes to follow.

3.) Like most political philosophies, it has it's faults.

4.) Left wingers who don't like to spend money.
High School Dropout: Libertarianism is the true path to total freedom!

Apathetic Normal Person: Then how comes you guys have yet to get elected into the white house?
by Danny Danger July 12, 2010

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