An inconveniencing person.
I called myself just talkin’ to the bitch… we ended up arguin’ , i’on even understand how I can put up with that shit? …She’s a germ bruh…”

“Bruh I feel for you for real… it’s hella people like that out here in life…”
by TrenchTrophies August 21, 2021
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West Coast skater slang (after the terrible, terrible skate company) for someone who spends hundreds dollars on skate shoes, clothes and other merch, only to show up at the local skate spot or park with a cheap ass $20 deck and next to zero knowledge of skateboarding. Actually lower than a poser. Skaters who do this are refererd to as Germs.
Skater 1: So yeah, I'm gonna do a Noille Tre filp 360, then a 180 hardfilp and finish my line with a back lip to hand rail.

Skater 1's friend: Go for it dude!

Germ Skater: I'm gonna follow up with a no hander 220, then a few wheelies and then a few bunny hops!

Skater 1: Pack up your skateboard, grab your stuff and get out. Fuckin' germ.
by Danny Danger July 20, 2010
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one who fucks a hoe and gets HIV
"man, i can't believe you slept with that slut. hope you used a rubber if not good chance is that you got the germ."
by whiteboy March 06, 2003
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This Australian slang word is like a reflex word or defense mechanism built into any Australian to describe a person who has made you feel any type of negativity towards them for any reason.
Me and Jordan was walking down the street the other day and he decided to drop ya guts right next to me.....(1 millisecond later) “get da fuck away from me ya fuckin germ!”
by Random ass cowboy December 30, 2018
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A derogatory term for an anti-Semite. (origin: Holocaust enthusiast.)
There are Germans, and then there are Germs.
by Ereck Flowers April 09, 2017
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A burn scar that was made from having someone put out a cigarette on the right side of your left wrist.
germs hurt unless you are drunk enough.
by embeans July 18, 2011
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