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The most beautiful sexiest girl to walk the earth she's one of the sweetest kindest nicest girl in the world few boys can get one but the ones that do better treat her right did I mention she's a great kisser with a perfect body
"Wow that girl over there who's that?"
"Oh that's Hali she's my best friend she's the perfect girl"
by Colt2822 July 03, 2013
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A popular girl name meaning ocean. Those with this unique spelling of the name are often extremely insightful to others emotions, and very philosophical. Very commonly girls with the name of Hali can make the most loyal of friends, and can be extremely crazy, but they are always very dependable.
1) That Hali is always around.
2) DUDE! don't flip a Hali.
3) I always try to be as great of a friend as Hali.
by Simchick8701 March 01, 2009
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You are a beautiful girl who likes to play netball. There is a boy who loves you. Your a awesome young girl who will not let anyone down you. The boy are good friends. You called him your best friend once. Hali has beautiful wavie blond hair. She is a great friend and she doesn't know that the boy loves her and also doesn't know that the boy will love her with all his heart
by Hb o Donald boy girl July 25, 2017
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Hali she is one of the most beautiful girls she can see right through a lie mess with her you will regret it she's tougher then god himself and the devil combined she is most likely hanging around boys because she can't get along with girls for hali is most likely a tomboy your special and very lucky to have a hali in your life hurt her and she will knock you through a brick wall are worse be kind to this girl she's one of a kind she's also badass and more she can't get more perfect she's smart and if you say a dumb comment like what's 2÷5 she will probably say ask your mom oh wait she probably dont know etheir this girl is most likely to be into magic and posses it .
Wow she's such a hali. ..

Shes are hali
by XxSavagewinterxX October 25, 2017
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The act of:
1 a) creating a MySpace army
b) unleashing a MySpace army
2 a) hairspraying
b) teasing hair or otherwise poofing it
3) hardcore dancing
4 a) boob testing
b) ass testing
5) being supremely skinny
6) and pretty
7) a heart attack
1 a) "Send me love <3 <3 Hali"....and they do. Think about 15 invites a day (on a bad day)
b) "He's such a douche bag, go hali him out for me"
2 a) "That hairdresser hali-ed a whole can of BIG SEXY HAIR on me."
b) "I hali-ed my hair. It's poofy, then I hali-ed it more and now it's hard."
3) "We hali-ed like crazy at that show. Everyone had to keep a 10 foot radius."
4 a) "I totally won that hali. The other girl's boobs were only -------As, but mine are DD."
b) "I won that hali too. I have some junk in my trunk."
5) "I'm so hali."
6) "I'm so hali."
7) "My great-aunt just died of a Hali."
by Devin and Em January 05, 2008
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