After a real heavy night of drinkin, you take a shit or fart that produces a violent aroma that just lingers.
taken from the cranberry's song - linger.
chris - "i just rolled out a cranberry in his family toilet"

thom - "mate, his mums got enough to deal with"
by alex spookytooth October 20, 2007
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To turn in your 2 weeks notice like a civilized human being only to me terminated on the spot for imagined, undocumented, or otherwise made up reasons by an immature, inexperienced, or otherwise unqualified HR person so they can assert themselves as "in charge" of the situation when in all reality they are a paper tiger that only does what they are told even when they know that it is both blatantly wrong and occasionally illegal.
american english / slang / adverb - usage - to be cranberried, or damn, you got cranberried? Thats sucks.

Its origins come from the nickname (Cranberry) of the first person to have been Blatantly Cranberried. After his swift dismissal when he turned in his two week notice, other employees began to realize that turning in two weeks was an immediate "do not pass go, do not collect $200" and meant that you needed to clean out your desk before you did so. Hence the term was born.
by CLismy2ndjob July 24, 2009
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An innocent lil bean who knows nothing of the insanity of this world
Aww, look at Ty, such a lil cranberry!
by not_a_cranberry April 16, 2019
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1 To cram something with berries.
2 To spread cramberries over something or someone for improvement or ones self satisfaction.
Dude 1: Dude, get cranberrying that turkey, the family is coming for christmas dinner tonight...
Dude 2: What dude???You mean it's christmas already???
by Manic056 October 01, 2006
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People Who drink all day and dont work. They sit around eating chillies and drinking cheap beer. Also known as mexicans
Human: What You doing you filthy cranberry?
Mexican: Nothing maaaan, hey essay.
by Smiley :) July 27, 2008
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noun. an average white person, a "drone" or "sheep", arogant and supersticious about minorities hence a hermit (see also honkey) and make regious eundo, while describing how their race handles things; a babbler and extremely observant.
white people are red like a cranberry.some cranberries were staring at me earlier.
by daddyYANKEEtheredsockplayer April 10, 2008
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